I’m going to call it right now but Uryu Ishida is just going to pull off the fucking “HAHA SIKE, IM ACTUALLY STILL A GOOD GUY. WOULD NEVER BETREY MY GRANDPAPPY FOR THIS KING DUDE” Like ???? It’s a fucking typical shounen. It’s going to fucking happen. 

Bleach blows. 


2006 vs. 2014

DEEN vs. uFotable

Please stay away from me if you think Deadpool is the funniest or best comic character.


In June 1992, Martin Goodman died, after a long illness. The founder of Marvel Comics, who’d retired to Florida in 1975 after the failure of Atlas Comics, was eighty-two years old. A single-paragraph notice ran in the company’s official hype magazine, Marvel Age—under an eight-paragraph obituary of EC Comics publisher William Gaines. “Nobody talks about Martin Goodman,” Irwin Linker, an art director at Goodman’s Magazine Management, said years later. “It’s like he never lived, and he’s the guy who started the whole thing. It’s like he never existed.”

Marvel Comics: The Untold Story

(Image from Comics Interview, #43, 1987.)


if you close your eyes right before the train hits, your brain will think that you have died. some people find calmness in this.